Naval Strength in the North/West Pacific Region 1939

The following is a list based on research I have undertaken in an effort to determine what vessels were available historically within the region at this time. Some liberties have been taken in the interests of the AU, primarily the French and Italian presence in the region however I endeavoured to keep the IJN and […]

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SRN Naval Ensign

The Navy

The Sieranian Republic Navy came about as a result of the acquisition of former Imperial Russian Navy vessels after the Revolution and the gaining of Sieran’s independence in October of 1905. The vessels that formed the embryonic SRN were for the most part obsolescent vessels that had been lucky in surviving the slaughter of Tsushima. […]

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Socialist Republic of Sieran

The Socialist Republic of Sieran, typically abbreviated to Sieran, is a large, socially progressive nation and is the most northeasterly region of Eurasia. In history it is often known by its historical provincial name as Chukotka. It is bordered to the north by the East Siberian Sea and the Chikchi Sea, whilst to the east […]

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Alternative History Nation

G’day all, For quite some time now I have been working on my own alternative history nation based around the real world Russian province of Chukotka. In particular the drawings I have created for the nation have, in the past, been shared via Dropbox public links on the Shipbucket forum. As Dropbox has since disabled […]

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