Merchant Ship Komarov

SS Komarov

Built in 1916, the SS Komarov was one of a number of moderate sized freighters constructed in the Ugolny shipyards during WW1. They were spartan vessels with little creature comforts designed solely for the function they were designed to serve. After the war, many were modified by their crews and by the Sieran National Line (the national shipping line responsible for all international passenger and freight shipping formed in 1921). New equipment and accommodations were fitted in an attempt to make the vessels more hospitable for their crews.

Merchant Ship Komarov

Merchant Ship Komarov

The vessels of the class retained their peacetime markings during the Second World War until December 8th 1941 saw the Japanese offensive against Pearl Harbour. Despite their peace time relations, Sieran was not aligned with the United States and remained neutral. All merchant vessels were ordered to carry neutrality markings consisting of the nations name and the country flag prominent on the hull sides to distinguish them from standard US shipping.

The SS Komarov herself served with little fame or recognition beyond that of her crew and their families. She remained in service until withdrawn in 1952 for a planned engine overhaul which never happened. She remained laid up for a further decade before a storm drove her from her moorings upon the shore. Numerous attempts to refloat her failed and the Komarov was ultimately sold and scrapped in situ.


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