Ocean Liner Protsvetaniye

SS Protsvetaniye

Following on from the construction of the Ravenstvo and Svoboda, Artemy Shagin set to work on the design of a new generation ocean liner incorporating as much new technology as could be included as well as taking into consideration experience from the design, building and now service phases of the previous liners. The result was […]

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Motor Ship Soglasie

MS Soglasie

Constructed in 1929-30 in the US for Sieran, the MS Soglasie (Harmony) was the first in a new generation of combination liners serving on the primary trade route from Anadyr to San Francisco via Anchorage. The ships would carry general cargo and crated raw materials Eastbound and bring home perishable goods and foodstuffs on the […]

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Merchant Ship Komarov

SS Komarov

Built in 1916, the SS Komarov was one of a number of moderate sized freighters constructed in the Ugolny shipyards during WW1. They were spartan vessels with little creature comforts designed solely for the function they were designed to serve. After the war, many were modified by their crews and by the Sieran National Line […]

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Ocean Liner Ravenstvo

Ravenstvo & Svoboda

With Sieran gaining its independence in 1905, one of the first avenues seen by the new Government as a way to promote the nation abroad was through the construction and launch of two liners to serve the Anadyr-Anchorage-Vancouver route in Summer and Anadyr-Anchorage-San Francisco route in Winter. Sieran lacked skilled draughtsman in the construction of […]

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SRN Kolyma as Completed Late 1924/Early 1925

Kolyma Class Cruiser

Ships of the class; – SRN Kolyma (in commission) – SRN Omolon (in commission) – SRN Bolshoy Anyui (in commission) – SRN Maly Anyui (in commission) After the First World War, Sieran experienced an economic boom with the increased yields across the nations many mines. With this expansion was an explosion of trade routes carrying […]

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SRN Velikaya with Mines

Velikaya Class Cruiser

Ships of the class; – SRN Velikaya (in commission) – SRN Vtoraya (in commission) Initially known as the Improved Tanyurer class, the Velikayas were modified designs based on trials experience with the Tanyurer that predated them by a year. The keel for Velikaya had in fact been laid down as another Tanyurer before construction was […]

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