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Birthday Update

Birthday Update

G’day all,

It’s that time of year again, another orbit around the sun marks another time to bother getting around to posting an update.
What has happened since last year? Well I got a full time factory job back in September. Not what I wanted to do but a job is a job and it pays decent money, great money actually compared to most entry level wages. Shift starts at 6am daily though which means waking up before 5am and out the door shortly after to get there on time. Do finish at 2:30 though so that’s something.

Aside from that, nothing really that notable has been happening. Birthday was much the non-event as they always are, only this time I was at work bored for eight hours with the rather repetitious task of grinding weld splatter off of steel and wiping it down with thinners so the painter could spray them.
Did go out with the family for a meal, the Turkish place we’d wanted to have was closed so ended up having a burger at YOMG I think they’re called, a place that used to do just frozen yoghurt but now does very nice burgers too. Ate too much but oh well, it was nice.

In just over two weeks time I’m going on holiday, taking my first time off since having a week at the start of December. Flying up to Cairns in Northern Queensland and hiring a campervan so I can travel and stop wherever I like. I’m looking forward to it, especially as the weather is getting colder here down south to run away to the tropics for a little bit. First time I’m travelling alone on a holiday I organised entirely myself so we’ll see how things go.

I’ve recently started getting properly back into my old childhood hobbies of model railways, model kits and lego. I find I’m increasingly bored of games these days and can’t be bothered playing any despite my vast library. I bought the new Lego UCS Y Wing which sadly arrives too late to be a birthday present but oh well. I’ve started setting up the baseboards for building my first proper model railway layout. I’ve got lots of stock for my local Victorian Railways and I have track and a trackplan, just need the time and motivation to build it.

My youtube channel stuff is still going (denodon123 there if you’re curious/don’t know). It’s slowed up since getting the job as I find I’m too tired and too lacking in motivation after work most days to make quality content. I was one of the many who got demonetised by Google because I had the audacity to not be a huge channel already. I didn’t do it for money but as a hobby given I like making and sharing things, but it was nice to feel like I was doing something possibly worthwhile. Alas my $2.80 a month is too much for poor Google to brunt the costs of and had to cut back. Oh well.

Don’t think there’s much more to say really. I’m pondering getting a cosplay outfit for a Galactic Empire Imperial Officer or something for PAX Aus at the end of the year but not sure yet.

That’s about it.
See you all again maybe this time next year

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